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Stasi-prison Hohenschönhausen

Did you see the German movie "The Lives of others"? That won an Oscar in 2007?

Distance from Berlin: 1 hour - google map
GLS guide, guided tour : 6 €

If you saw "The Lives of others", you should join this trip:

The movie tried to show what life in communist Germany was like - how people were submitted to total conformity and how those, who opposed, risked to be harrassed and arrested.

Control was executed by the "Stasi", a kind of secret police, and this trip to Hohenschönhausen will show you their most in-famous prison:

Former inmates will guide you around which is quite impressive: They provide first-hand experiences and tell you what being imprisoned there was like. You can talk to them and ask everything you want to know about life under communism in Germany.

Some basic information about the prison which is a memorial site today please find on this website.

We´ll leave at GLS at about 11.30 am and we will be back by pm.