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Agency: German-Link Vietnam
Name: Mr. Duc Minh Luong
From: Hanoi, Vietnam


Since when do you work with GLS? How did it start?

German-Link Vietnam has been working with GLS for two years and everything runs smoothly. This connection started when our first students participated in GLS Summer Camp in 2015 and they came back with dramatically positive changes in both German proficiency and personality. Actually, GLS, such a reputed language school, is a smart choice for those who dream to upgrade their German in just a short time. We have the honour of becoming GLS’s partner.

Please describe your agency

German-Link was founded by those who spent many years living and working in Germany so they had profound knowledge and understanding about this country, especially its developed education system. We own a German language school with hundreds of students. We also run a company consulting and supporting Vietnamese students move to Germany to study and we have gained a lot of achievements.

Why do your clients book Berlin (and not other places in Germany)?

Berlin is the capital of the country. It is also one of the most glamorous cities in Germany. This is really a dream destination to most students from Vietnam.

What was the last time you met GLS staff? On a fair, a roadshow...?

We last met GLS staff in November 2016 in the Berlin office.

Your impression of Berlin, especially the GLS district Prenzlauer Berg?

In our mind, this is the greenest city we have ever visited. Its beauty is not just about poetic open spaces, but also historic buildings and monuments. The district is popular with all of us for its picturesque streets, nightlife and central location.

What do you like/dislike about GLS?

There are so many things that we love about GLS. GLS is professional with such easy online booking and interesting study programs. Furthermore, the school does not only bring our students excellent German lessons but also useful experiences of life outside the class. Therefore, they make progress in both foreign language proficiency and their social interactivities. Besides, the school is so open-minded to agencies around the world.