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Win a scholarship @ GLS Berlin

GLS grants 3 scholarships, each for 4 weeks of intensive course (worth 1040 €).

  • Winners can take the course between 1 SEP 2014 and 30 JUN 2015
  • Application by sending in a video before 31 MAY 2014

How to apply

Make a video (maximum 2 minutes) and upload it on YouTube. Topic: you impersonating the German singer, writer, dancer, politician, artist or sports star fascinating you the most. The video has to be in German - if you don´t speak German yet, fabricate a script you can read from.

Who Wins

Those 3 whose videos get the most Facebook Likes. Likes will be counted on Monday, 16 JUN 2014, 1 pm. 

Contesters, who manipulate Facebook Likes, will be disqualified.

How the contest works

  • Get your camera or smartphone and make the video (max. 2 minutes). If necessary, cut and edit it, with a free editing program like Free Video Dub for example
  • Upload your Video on YouTube including this text: My video to apply for a sponsored German languag course @ (important: the URL needs to have http:// before www)
  • Deadline for the upload is 31 MAY 2014, 12 a.m.
  • Send the link to your video on YouTube to
  • GLS adds your video to the GLS voting page
  • This is where the voting fun starts – tell you friends to vote for YOUR video by clicking the like button above your video on the voting page
  • Voting can start as soon as your video is on the votoing page and will end on Monday, 16 JUN 2014 1 pm.
  • The 3 most popular videos will win a sholarship. Winners will be announced 16 JUN 2014.
  • GOOD LUCK - in case of questions contact