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Great classes!! Although the social aspect could improve

George, 25, from United Kingdom – September 28, 2017

Stay: 4 weeks, Course Start: July 2017 , Accomodation: No accomodation booked via GLS

After class activities
Support by GLS staff

The Good & the Bad - what did you like best? What least?

The friendliness of the teachers and their ability to get everybody involved and talking was great! I’m currently attending another school and unfortunately the class isn’t as active compared to GLS.


The social activities after class were good although they didn’t seem to bring everyone together very well. I think team activities would be good to force everyone to meet new people and to not stay in their own groups or classes.

Your recommendations for other students

Getting lunch each day with your class is a great way to get to know everyone.


Renting a bike in Berlin is a fantastic way to see the city! I used “Rent a bike 44 in Neukölln” which was much cheaper than the rental places near GLS, and the bikes were pretty good.


Make sure to visit some of the Lakes around Berlin, they are great to relax by and swim in during the summer.