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Great experience! I would definitely come back again!

Heather, 34, from United States – June 18, 2017

Stay: 1 week in June 2017, 2 weeks in July 2016, Course Start: June 2017 , Accomodation: No accomodation booked via GLS

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The teachers were excellent. I really appreciate that there are 30+ classes because the caliber of the students in these classes tends to be very high (many translators from the European parliament), and this made for a more intellectual courses than I have experienced at other language schools. I chose GLS specifically because there are many cultural activities organized in the afternoon; however, often times they just drop you off at the location and don't actually give you a tour. GLS could improve their cultural activities by providing more information on the sites and staying together as a group.

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Accommodation in Berlin is very cheap. The first year I stayed in the Hotel in Oderberger Str., which was nice, but for the same price I was able to rent an entire 1 bd apartment via airbnb the second year (2 min from the school) for much less. It will save you money to find your own accommodation.