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Great teachers and friendly staff

Flávia, 33, from Germany – June 14, 2017

Stay: I am still studying at GLS :), Course Start: March 2017 , Accomodation: No accomodation booked via GLS

After class activities
Support by GLS staff

The Good & the Bad - what did you like best? What least?

I've always had very nice experiences with the teachers from GLS. I wish some of them became friends of mine. The classes are always interesting and I am always very happy to go every morning. The support by GLS staff is always great and I love the campus facilities. I am also a big fan of the seminars. Every Tuesday there is a different and interesting theme. I try to go to as many as I can.

Your recommendations for other students

I think you won't regret choosing GLS as your German school. Everything inspires you to learn German... the teachers, the campus and the after class activities.