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I am pretty satisfied with the school.

Peter, 26, from Germany – June 16, 2017

Stay: 10 weeks, Course Start: June 2017 , Accomodation: No accomodation booked via GLS

After class activities
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The Good & the Bad - what did you like best? What least?

Specially because of the classes, but also because of it's location and free activities

I have learned Germany at GLS 3 times already. The thing a like the most, is that the school has very good teachers and the fact, that the school gives priority to both speaking and general writing skills.

I have been there for 7 months in 2013, 3 months and half in 2016 and more 3 months in 2017. A few exceptions aside, I have always had great teachers! I also really liked the environmental measures the school has been taking! Such as glass cups and using less papers.

I didn't like is the fact that we don't get to testdaf with a headphone! That wouldn't have been of great help during the listening exam.

Your recommendations for other students

I would definitely recommend other students to learn German at GLS. I think the school has to keep selecting good teachers. Regarding the after class activities, I really miss the pub crawl the school used to do.