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Lucky me I've found GLS through internet.

Alejandra, 55, from Spain – August 03, 2017

Stay: 2 weeks ( my only 2 weeks vacations ), Course Start: July 2017 , Accomodation: No accomodation booked via GLS

After class activities
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The Good & the Bad - what did you like best? What least?

Lucky me I've found GLS through internet. Fantastic experience beyond my previous expectations.


- my professors (Barbara and Birgit) really pacient. helpful, and very nice people; I learned SO MUCH !!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!

- all the Academic aspects even since the interviews, the online exam; the system at the clases, the book, the audioroom;

- all services and answers (Peter and his team) all VERY QUICK to answer before, during and after the course. Ready to help and providing orientation and solutions.

- coffee machine (1 euro), the cafetería and restaurant The Schule (nice design, EXCELLENT service, good Price),

- Saturday excursions (Rostock and Postdam) great organisation, very affordable price and guides from School where TERRIFIC !! They know a lot, they guide us to the best routes, and they are very patient, Many thanks.

- the campus ambience with the accommodation inside the School;

- It is really beautiful school, fantastic clasrooms (big windows), clean all the time even the bathrooms , good distribution of spaces, very good signalig (not possibility to get lost).

- the Odergerder hotel pool.

- Location is fantastic (tram and metro connections).

- The neighbourhood is excellent, styllish, beautiful.

- I also LOVED the big digital clock at the entrance !!!!!!



I've been thinking and I cannot find any negative thing...................well maybe it could be that there is no posible to buy books with credit card only cash, but it seems this is very common in Germany, it is not something specific of GLS.................. I bought different books and I would have bought many more.

Your recommendations for other students

To attend ALL clases. I saw some of them who are not regular and skip sessions. This is not good for their progress but also not good for professors and other Students. Even they didn't event tell in advance to their professors.

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